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Have questions?

Frequently asked questions

Technical requirements for the remote fitting sessions:

  • PC or Notebook with two USB-ports 
  • Windows 7 or 10 
  • Internet connection

Where can I get my hearing aids programmed or serviced?

We perform our remote programming with you for free during your 45 days trial period. These special programming sessions (patent pending) are the same as with your local audiologist. You receive up to 8 programming session with our hearing aid specialists – totally free of charge.

For services for your hearing aids, like cleaning services, please contact a local hearing aid dispenser. These services will be carried out for a few bucks.

Do you accept insurance?

Many insurances pay for hearing aids, depending on your insurance. However, we cannot settle with your insurance directly.

When will the hearing aids be received after purchase?

Please allow 7 – 10 business days for shipping.

What is the shipping process?

We ship with UPS. A signature is required when receiving the package.

Do I need an Audiogram? Can I purchase hearing aids without an Audiogram?

We don’t necessarily need an audiogram, because we can perform hearing measures online. In that case, you will need to sign the FDA waiver.

However, as hearing loss can have many reasons, we recommend seeing a doctor before purchasing your hearing aids. There you also receive an audiogram.

By providing your audiogram, our audiologists can give more accurate recommendations for your hearing aids.

How do I send the Audiogram / Hearing Test to hearplace.com?


Who reviews the Audiogram / Hearing Test?

Hearplace.com utilizes the licensed professionals on staff (Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists).

What is our trial period?

45 Days. Please review our return policy.

What is the return policy?

45 Day 100% money back guarantee. For a full return please include in the return all aspects of additional inventory provided: batteries, filters, receivers, domes, and all original boxing materials. All products sold are subject to a sixty (45) calendar day return for a refund in the purchase price. In case of return, Hearplace.com provides pre-paid shipping labels for your convenience. Hearplace.com has the right to not refund if all items are not returned as requested with the stated trial period. Products and items must be returned within sixty (45) calendar days of the date of shipment and must be undamaged.