Phonak Audeo Paradise Review

Phonak Audéo Paradise – Two Tickets to Paradise? The Swiss manufacturer Phonak has come up with a new hearing aid platform: Paradise (P). Following up the highly successful Marvel (M) platform, expectations are high. But are thy being fulfilled?   Overview The Phonak Audéo P hearing aid is a Receiver-In-The-Ear (RIE) / Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) style […]

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews

If you are shopping for a hearing aid, you have an uphill task ahead as there are numerous different types available. And every hearing aid model has its own unique features. Finding the right one is important as a suitable model will help in dealing with hearing loss effectively. Hearing loss has become an inevitable […]

Hearing Assist Hearing Aids Review

Hearing Assist – A Miracle or Complete Garbage? Are you looking for new hearing aids or do you want to try hearing aids for the first time and came across the Hearing Assist TV ad? In that case you are probably wondering if this company is a scam or it sounds to good to be […]

Audionexx Hearing Aids 402BT & 202 Review

Audionexx provides 2 versions of their BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids: Audionexx 402BT Audionexx 202 Both devices look the same with the exception that the Audionexx 202 device comes only with 1 microphone (visible on the exterior). Here’s an image showing the size of the devices compared to the tip of a thumb. Audionexx […]

Otofonix Hearing Aids Review

Are you looking for an affordable hearing aid that provides best value? Difficulty in hearing or understanding a conversation in noisy surroundings can be very frustrating and embarrassing. Delaying the purchase of hearing aid due to the expense or awkwardness of having to use the hearing aids can have other repercussions.  Without proper hearing faculty, […]