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Audionexx Hearing Aids 402BT & 202 Review

Audionexx provides 2 versions of their BTE (behind the ear) hearing aids:

  • Audionexx 402BT
  • Audionexx 202

Both devices look the same with the exception that the Audionexx 202 device comes only with 1 microphone (visible on the exterior).

Here’s an image showing the size of the devices compared to the tip of a thumb.

Audionexx 402BT

The Audionexx 402BT Hearing Aid is their flagship product and is priced at $599. It comes with 4 listening programs hence the 4 in the device number and can be paired with your smartphone via bluetooth (BT). It’s a perfect device for people with mild to medium hearing loss who don’t want to wear clunky hearing aids other brands are selling in the same price range.

The features include:

  • Low power consumption
  • Easy detachable battery
  • iOS & Android APP
  • Low battery warning
  • Switch tone
  • App control

as well as some very helpful sound processing features:

  • Omnidirectional Sound Processing
  • Directional Sound Processing for better speech understanding
  • Maximum volume limiting
  • Noise Reduction
  • Feedback Management: strong
  • 4 listening programs 

The latter allows you to adjust your hearing devices to perfectly suit your current environment.

Audionexx 402BT Single

Audionexx 202

The light version of the Audionexx 402BT is called Audionexx 202. This device only comes with 2 listening programs instead of 4 and cannot be paired with your smartphone. Although it has less features Audionexx got the price down to $399 per pair which is an extremely reasonable price for this hearing device.

Both devices come with six different domes for the perfect fit a hard case to store the device and a cleaning wire.

Audionexx 202 Single

Where to buy Audionexx Hearing Aids?

Audionexx Hearing Aids are available at https://www.audionexx.com/hearing-aids/.



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