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Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews

Eargo Neo Hearing AidsIf you are shopping for a hearing aid, you have an uphill task ahead as there are numerous different types available. And every hearing aid model has its own unique features.

Finding the right one is important as a suitable model will help in dealing with hearing loss effectively. Hearing loss has become an inevitable part of aging. From having difficulty in following conversations in crowded places to enjoying watching TV or listening to music, loss of hearing can be very difficult.

Of the various hearing aid brands in the market, Eargo is a product that promises the favorable features you are looking for and at an affordable price range. For one, it offers discreet looking hearing aids that can be worn in the ear canal and hence are not visible outside. Read the Eargo hearing aid reviews below to know more about the product and its suitability.

Founded in 2010, by Florent Michel, an ENT surgeon, Eargo is based in California. The company is managed by Florent Michel along with his sons Daniel and Raphael. Although the company launched its first hearing devices in 2015, EargoPlus was introduced in 2017 and a year later Eargo Max was released.

The company offers an exclusive, but limited range of revolutionary hearing products. The products are aimed at people having moderate to mild level of hearing loss. The products are available for purchase via the company website and also from showrooms present all over the country.

The company provides a 20% on Eargo Max and Eargo Neo hearing aids for war veterans and those in active military service.

The design of Eargo hearing aids includes small sized earplugs that have tiny shuttlecocks fixed to them. This design makes the hearing aids fit snugly and discreetly in the ear.

The hearing aid works by amplifying sound and making it more clear to listen to. The hearing devices are available in a single size that fits all, which may not work well for everyone.

If you want to see whether it is suitable for you, you have to first take the hearing test available on the Eargo website or you can also contact the customer support for help.

Once you place the order, the company provides a 45 day span for assessing the suitability of the product. If you are not satisfied with the hearing device, you can return it and get a refund.

You can also try the non-functioning hearing aids provided by the company to make sure it fits snugly before you buy the hearing aid.

  • Service is very quick without any hassle. The delivery is done in 2 to 5 days.
  • Design is very discreet and comfortable to use.
  • Sound profile is of four different types, which can be selected by tapping your ear
  • The hearing device is made of medical grade soft silicone for comfortable fit
  • Handy carry case is available for recharging the hearing aid
  • 45 day refund assurance helps in a risk free investment.
  • The product has a warranty period of up to two years based on the model you buy
  • Financing options are present to help purchase the hearing aid

Eargo hearing aid types

The product profile of Eargo includes three main types all of which have similar features but differ in the sound quality they offer. The types are as follows:

  1. Eargo Plus
  2. Eargo Max
  3. Eargo Neo

Let see each product in detail.

Eargo Plus review

This is a reliable hearing aid model that assured improved hearing experience for users especially for those wearing the hearing aid for the first time.

The hearing aid has Flexi Fibers made of medical grade and quality silicone. The fibers help hold the hearing aid in place in your ear canal and do not block the canal allowing proper airflow.

The fibers are positioned in such a way that they help clean the canal of ear wax every time you remove the hearing aid. Other notable features include:

  • Flexi fibers allow ambient low/bass sounds to pass hence amplify the sounds with high and medium treble.
  • The unit has four distinct sound profiles max, high, medium and low, which can be used for people with moderate to mild hearing loss.
  • Acoustic switch present enables volume and sound changes by gentle and rapid double tapping on ear. The tapping will produce beeps and the beep count corresponds to the present sound profile of the hearing aid
  • The device offers layered noise reduction, which gives a wider hearing frequency, and amplified and clear sound. It cancels noise feedback and minimizes background noise. A unique equalization curve is present for phone conversations.
  • Charge can withstand up to 16 hours and recharging can be done in 6 hours with the port provided.

Eargo Plus price

Eargo Plus hearing aids cost approximately $1650. Easy financing options are available at the website to make the purchase easier.

Eargo Max review

Eargo Max has more enhanced features than Eargo Plus. It has good noise reduction and sound amplification features that are apt for people leading an active lifestyle. The main features of the product include

  • The hearing aids are light in weight and have rechargeable batteries with a charging pad,
  • Dynamic noise reduction technology is used to help the device vary its noise reduction feature, according to the environment.
  • The hearing device can also be changed based on user preference and the settings memorized in between charges too
  • The design is similar to EargoPlus and has Flexi fibers and Flexi domes for helps user hear top quality sound.
  • The domes are for increasing bass wounds and removing feedback noise, while the fibers hold the aids in place.

Eargo Max price

Eargo Max costs around $2150. You can look for financing options that spread out the payments.

Eargo Neo review

Eargo Neo Hearing Aids ReviewEargo Neo has similar features as the other two Eargo products including silicone design for more comfort. However the design improvements have made it more effective. The outstanding features include

  • Flexi Palms are further improved in design allowing for comfortable fit inside the ear canal.
  • The design also allows low frequencies and bass to enter naturally inside your ear.
  • The device amplifies high to medium level frequencies effectively
  • Audio with higher fidelity helps in addressing hearing loss of different levels. It covers mild, moderate and severe levels too.
  • The package includes two Flexi Palms each of regular and large sizes, USB plug, cleaning brush, wax guard and USB C Cable.
  • The product has a warranty period of one year
  • Charge lasts for 16 hours.

Eargo Neo price

Eargo Neo hearing aids are priced at $2750, which is an affordable price when compared to the price of conventional hearing aids. The price is inclusive of ongoing and personalized support from licensed Eargo professionals.

Where can I buy Eargo Hearing Aids?

You can buy Eargo hearing aids directly from their website in addition to the standard package, you can also choose accessories such as additional Flexipalms, wax guards and charges.

Can I buy Eargo hearing aids on Amazon?

Yes the Eargo Neo are currently available on Amazon.

Final words about Eargo

Eargo offers just a few different hearing aid types, but all are of top quality and popular for the comfort, convenience, rechargeability and performance they offer. The customer service is also exemplary and offers lifetime support.

The innovative technology and multiple features enhance your hearing effectively. In spite of the limited choice available, you will be able to find a model that suits you. The varied sound profiles and the ability of the device to memorize your selection are excellent features that make the product stand apart from its competitors.

Eargo Neo offers the best features of the three models with its enhanced dynamic feedback reduction, sound amplification, audio fidelity and reduction of active noise. The Flexi palms offer added comfort too. And the hearing aid has Bluetooth feature so you can connect it to the Eargo App via your smartphone and receive personalized setting.



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