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Hearing Assist Hearing Aids Review

Hearing Assist – A Miracle or Complete Garbage?

Are you looking for new hearing aids or do you want to try hearing aids for the first time and came across the Hearing Assist TV ad?

In that case you are probably wondering if this company is a scam or it sounds to good to be true if you got quoted hearing aid prices from hearing clinics before. How can brand new hearing aids cost $600 when other hearing aids cost 10 times as much.

Hearing Assist is a FDA cleared and affordable hearing aid with exemplary customer support. The rechargeable hearing aid is available in various different types.

Hearing aids are classified into different types based on their placement and other criteria. The different types of hearing aids are designed to suit the differing needs of individual users. Here is a breakdown on the various hearing aid types found in all leading hearing aids including Hearing Assist and their uses.

Quick summary: Hearing Assist Hearing Aids are PSAP devices or OTC hearing aids (like the Audionexx 402 BT hearing aid for example). While they are not suited for all types of hearing loss, they work well for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss.


Who is the company behind Hearing Assist?

Hearing Assist hearing aids are manufactured by Avento Inc., which is based in Virginia Beach, VA. Founded in 2008, the company first made a hearing aid named Lee Majors Bionic or Bionic Ear hearing aid, which was of rechargeable type. Later ReCharge Hearing Assist hearing aids were created by the company to exploit the technological advances in the industry and provide high quality but affordable hearing aids for consumers.

Where to buy Hearing Assist Hearing Aids

If you want to purchase Hearing Assist hearing aids of any of the above types, you can order them online from Walmart.com (click here).

The type of hearing aid you choose is mostly based on the extent of your hearing loss, your ear canal size, your lifestyle and your budget.

Is Hearing Assist a scam?

Apparently people asked this question and no – Hearing Assist is not a scam. Their hearing aid products work. 

Hearing Assist Hearing Aid models available on the market

At present you can find two main Hearing Assist models namely

ReCharge Behind the Ear (BTE)

For users in search of a hassle free and reliable hearing aid, the behind the ear ReCharge model is a good choice to consider. It does not feature any small plugs that you find awkward to use. The important features of this Hearing Assist model include:

Good performance

The model has an amplification of 43dB ensuring crystal clear sound clarity. It also features feedback suppression and advanced layered reduction of background noise.

Customizable programs

The hearing aid has four different programs that you can choose according to your specific environment and includes

  • Outdoors program setting that helps reduce noise and wind interference
  • TV Mode that reduces sounds of high and low frequency enabling better TV watching experience
  • Noisy mode that reduces high background noise so you can hear better in loud surroundings like in restaurants
  • Quiet mode for office or home use with reduction of low noise in high fidelity form

Easy and efficient charging

The super charging dock uses Snap Charge magnetic technology that provides reliable, fast and easy connection. Charging is super easy as you need to just place the hearing device on the special base and it will secure automatically. When connected you will find the LED glowing blue in color and it changes to green color after fully charging. This takes about three and a half hours. The recharging process shuts off automatically after charging is complete so there are no worries about the device being damaged by excessive charging.  The charging lasts for nearly 20 hours.


Cleaning and caring for the device is easy. You have to just use a clean cloth to wipe it. Use of harsh chemicals, water or other cleaning agents can damage the hearing aid. Also it can get damaged when you drop it accidentally on any hard surface such as floor, table, countertop etc.

In the Ear model

This is a smaller sized Hearing Assist model with a slightly lower amplification level of 35dB.  The important features of this model include

  • Layered reduction of background noise
  • Suppression of noise feedback
  • Charging dock with magnetic capability and Snap Charge technology
  • Four different sound settings
  • Battery lasts for 20 hours on full charge
  • Takes just 3 hours for recharging fully
  • Program button is present in the outer part and microphone is in built in the device
  • Does not have off or on button and turns on automatically when removed from charging dock

The complete Hearing Assist kit includes 3 hearing aids of rechargeable type, ear caps of different sizes, replacement tubes, a power cord, an AC adapter, recharger and user manual.

The price of BTE model is around $600, while the ITE Hearing Assist costs more at around $700. The hearing aids can also be bought by paying in 5 or 6 monthly installments. The product comes with one year warranty on manufacture defects. The models also have 60 day refund offer.

As per the all-inclusive plan, Hearing Assist ships a single pair of rechargeable hearing aids with free replacement backups in case of damage, defects or normal wear and tear. The plan offers replacement of tubes and ear caps whenever needed. You can also upgrade the device once in every 18 months without any increase in the price. Shipping is free.

Being an FDA cleared medical device of class I type, the Hearing Assist is very effective in improving impaired hearing. The mode of action is different from devices that use bone conduction of sound waves. The model uses acoustic or air conduction as it picks exterior sounds and amplifies them digitally. This amplified sound is then passed to the wearer via air waves.

Being an FDA cleared medical device of class I type, the Hearing Assist is very effective in improving impaired hearing. The mode of action is different from devices that use bone conduction of sound waves. The model uses acoustic or air conduction as it picks exterior sounds and amplifies them digitally. This amplified sound is then passed to the wearer via air waves.

What users like about Hearing Assist hearing aids

  • Sound clarity is good without any static
  • Program settings are easy to use
  • Charger is very convenient to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Price is affordable

What users don’t like about Hearing Assist

  • Is not effective in people with severe loss of hearing
  • Adjusting environmental sounds is very difficult
  • Feedback noise is excessive

Best alternative to Hearing Assist

The best alternative to Hearing Assist are the Audionexx 402BT Hearing Aids.

Final takeaway

Hearing assist offers several benefits to customers including affordable pricing, adjustable hearing modes, rechargeable batteries, external microphones and a discreet build. With FDA classifying these devices as hearing aids the devices can be the right choice for your hearing loss. Although it is not possible to restore normal hearing capability, the devices can make up for the impaired hearing loss to some extent. With over 10 years’ experience, Hearing Assist is a very successful product that comes with one year of warranty and a trial period of 60 days. With these desirable features and good reviews online, Hearing Assist is a good choice to consider if you have mild to moderate level of hearing loss.

Audionexx 402BT Single
Best alternative to Hearing Assist: Audionexx 402BT Hearing Aids


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