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Otofonix Hearing Aids Review

Are you looking for an affordable hearing aid that provides best value? Difficulty in hearing or understanding a conversation in noisy surroundings can be very frustrating and embarrassing.

Delaying the purchase of hearing aid due to the expense or awkwardness of having to use the hearing aids can have other repercussions.  Without proper hearing faculty, the parts of your brain related to hearing will become inactive. Hearing sounds allows parts of the brain to work well and to actively process speech skills.

If cost is an issue that is preventing you from using a hearing aid, Otofonix is a good choice to consider.  Otofonix provides the most updated technology for hearing devices and at very affordable prices. They offer personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs) that are equal in quality to the high end hearing devices you find in the market.

How Effective Are Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers

Otofonix Hearing amplifiers are products that serve as a good choice for people in search of affordable and quality personal hearing amplifiers. PSAPs are the preferred choice for many individuals with hearing difficulty as they are not as expensive as the professionally prescribed hearing devices.

In contrast to many of the cheap PSAPs that abound in the market, Otofonix provides quality hearing devices and at a very reasonable price. Further it has several other beneficial features that add value to the purchase and even give the brand an edge over its competitors.

The various preset programs and accessories offer a great flexibility in their use which many users have commended. The battery life is also very long, which is another additional advantage.

Here are the pros and cons of Otofonix hearing amplifiers to get a more candid view of the effectiveness of the amplifiers.

Why Users Like Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers

  • It is simple and easy to operate and handle
  • Good reduction of background noise present
  • Very quiet in operation
  • Versatile model
  • Sound quality is excellent
  • Uses digital chip
  • Has battery saving mode for longer battery life
  • Cancellation of sound feedback
  • Money back assurance of 45 days from the date of purchase

What Users Don’t Like About Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers

  • Batteries are not of rechargeable type hence are expensive in the long run
  • Some users have found the hearing tubes are not working properly
  • The focus on sound is not as good at high frequencies when compared to its competitors
  • Each hearing amplifier unit fits in either the left or right ear unlike other models that work equally good on any ear. Therefore people with hearing loss in one ear should be careful while placing their order to avoid buying the wrong side amplifier.

Are Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers The Right Choice For You?

When it comes to purchasing the right hearing amplifiers, Otofonix hearing devices remain a reliable choice. They have been in the market for a long time and have proven their effectiveness in improving loss of hearing. This is particularly true in people with mild or even moderate level of hearing loss. For such people using Otofonix Elite or Otofonix Apex models are ideal.

The Elite model is easy to handle and use with all its volume and program settings accessible from a single button. The closed and open domes make it work as a standard hearing amplifier and also as open fit type of amplifier.

Even people with severe loss of hearing can benefit from Otofonix hearing amplifiers. The Encore model form Otofonix has powerful features that make it ideal for severe loss of hearing.

The tiny size and ease of handling added on to the different programs and volume levels make the hearing amplifiers a great purchase. Many users have switched over to Otofonix from using prescribed hearing devices because there is not much difference in quality.

In fact, many users have reported that Otofonix with its small size, long standing battery and features enables a seamless hearing experience. For people looking at cheaper amplifier alternatives, Otofonix hearing amplifier range is an excellent option.

Purchasing Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers

If you are in search of the right balance between quality and expense, the Otofonix amplifiers range is difficult to match. With crystal clear amplified sound creating a layered and comfortable listening experience that is on par with high end prescription grade hearing aids Otofonix is a definite winner.

Good customer support and excellent secondary features further tip the scales in favor of this amplifier. While Otofonix may not be the best amplifier available in the market, it rivals the professional prescription quality hearing aids that cost ten times more.

For people looking to purchase this hearing amplifier can buy the product from our site. While purchasing the hearing amplifiers remember that the amplifier is not sold in pairs but separately for each ear and hence should be ordered with care.

Otofonix Hearing Aid Models

Otofonix offers three main hearing device models as part of its hearing amplifier range. All three have slight variations in function, features and shape and include:

Otofonix Apex Hearing Amplifier

This is a personal sound amplifier designed to enhance clarity of sound especially human voice. Hearing impaired individuals will feel isolated due to their inability to listen to normal conversation.

The Apex amplifier from Otofonix helps such individuals by focusing on the important sounds and enabling better hearing. The tiny device is very discreet and so can be used without worrying about people noticing it.

The various features of this hearing amplifier include:

  • Approved by FDA and does not require any prescription
  • Designed to suit any type of environmental situations
  • The devices has a full digital circuitry with preprogrammed settings
  • Includes three different hearing programs that are preset including treble, noisy and default
  • It has 8 levels of volume adjustment
  • Has 4 channels and sound processor of 12 bands
  • Reduction of background noise and cancellation of noise feedback is present
  • Battery life on an average for waking hours use is 7 to 10 days
  • Dimensions include 25.5mm x 13.5mm x 7.5mm
  • The device is available in slate grey and cream beige

Package contents

The package includes a hearing amplifier device, case for storing, 3 different ear tubes of open dome type (large, medium and small), one closed dome ear tube of medium size, one hybrid dome medium sized ear tube, a cleaning brush, cleaning wire for the ear tube, 6 batteries of size 312 and a user manual.

While this is ideal for people with moderate to mild hearing loss, it is not ideal for individuals with profound or severe hearing loss.


Otofonix Elite Hearing Amplifier

The Elite model from Otofonix is a tiny sized amplifier that is just about the size of a fingertip or a bit longer. The discreet device is ideal for hearing loss of moderate to mild level and can amplify sound up to a decibel level of 35dB. The device is very affordable available at very low price tag when compared to branded hearing aids of prescription type. The important features of this amplifier include:

  • The device does not need prescription and is FDA approved
  • The open fit type of build prevents the stuffy and plugged feeling present in such tiny sized devices
  • It is very quiet in operation
  • The device is designed for all types of environmental conditions with suitable full digital circuitry preset programs.
  • Has a sound processor of 12 bands and 4 channels
  • The levels of volume adjustment are 10
  • Reduction of background noise in the device is adaptive
  • Feedback sound cancellation is present
  • The amplifier has 4 different preset programs namely power, treble, noisy and normal
  • Limiting of output sound helps prevent hearing damage
  • The average life of battery is 7 to 10 days and this covers waking hours only
  • The dimensions include25.5mm x 13.5mm x 7.5mm

Package contents

The package includes a single hearing amplifier, two different sized sound tubes, 3 ear tubes of open dome type in large, medium and small sizes, one closed dome tube of medium size, one hybrid domes medium sized ear tube, a cleaning brush and cleaning wire, 6 batteries, a user manual and a case for protective storage.

The elite model from Otofonix is suitable for people who have difficulty in hearing long distance conversations and in loud environments. It is also ideal for people who find difficulty in understanding soft speech. But it is not suitable for people with profound or severe hearing loss.


Otofonix Encore Hearing Amplifier

For hearing impaired persons who miss out on attending social events, family gatherings, TV shows, entertainment and work due to the expensive hearing aids will find the Encore a right and affordable choice.

The amplification is very powerful in this preprogrammed digital device. The device has the capacity of delivering nearly 52 dB powerful amplification while using the ear hook, which is optional.

The device has rear and front microphones for better amplification of sound and deciphering the direction from which sound is coming from. This is very useful as it helps in making sounds feel authentic and natural unlike other hearing devices that do not have this facility. The outstanding features of this Otofonix amplifier include:

  • The FDA approved device does not need prescription for purchase
  • The ear tube is very thin and has open fit feature with a decibel level of 42dB.
  • Ear hook design is an optional feature that can increase the decibel to about 53dB
  • The programs are preset with completely digital circuitry suitable for all types of environmental conditions
  • Sound processors has 10 band widths
  • Multiple memory capability is present in the four channel amplifier
  • Programs preset in the device include telecoil, extreme, noisy and quiet
  • The device has 10 different volume levels
  • Microphones are two in number with adaptive directional capability
  • The output sound is restrictive so prevents damage to hearing because of too high decibel sounds
  • Good feedback sound cancellation feature
  • Battery life extends from 7 days to 10 days
  • Telecoil function is present
  • Slate grey and cream beige are the two colors available.
  • The dimensions of the amplifier include 25.5mm x 13.5mm x 7.5mm

Package contents

The package includes a hearing amplifier, two sound tubes and magic dome of medium size, 3 ear tubes of open dome type including large, medium and small, one closed dome type of medium sized ear tube, a hybrid dome medium sized ear tube, a cleaning wire and brush, a case for protective storage when not in use, a user manual and 6 batteries of 312 size.

The device is suitable for people with severe to moderate level of hearing loss. People who find it difficult to hear phone conversations will find the telecoil feature very useful.

Otofonix provides affordable and state of the art hearing devices that assist in hearing. The personal sound amplifier devices from Otofonix help boost sound volume. This keeps your brain cells active.

By using such devices for a few months or even for a few years you can get used to wearing the hearing devices. This will make it easy for you to switch on to more advanced hearing aids at a later date.

Otofonix hearing devices have better sound quality than a few leading hearing aid brands and are available at just one tenth of the cost too.  The benefits of Otofonix hearing aids do not stop with these. There are multiple other uses the hearing devices can provide you. Here are a few of them.

Otofonix is a high end PSAP that helps improve speech understanding in people with hearing loss. In fact the amplifiers show results similar to those obtained using hearing aids that are available only on prescription by hearing healthcare professionals. Since hearing aids cost nearly ten times more than amplifiers like Otofonix, it is a wise choice to choose Otofonix amplifiers.

The digital hearing devices from Otofonix are designed to enhance hearing and improve life quality. The devices are discreet and comfortable when you wear them. Further they are simple to use and control. Some of the features that make them highly convenient to wear include

  • Reduction of background noise
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Selection of programs and volume levels is by single finger control.
  • The hearing amplifier is very discreet and hides behind the ear so is not noticeable to others.
  • The device is fully assembled and can be used once it is taken from the package.

Otofonix digital amplifiers are hearing devices that use advanced digital processing methods. The devices have several program settings and do not have any feedback noise.

And despite being very cheap when compared to the hearing aid brands in the market, Otofonix devices do not compromise on the quality of hearing devices they deliver.

In addition to providing affordable and quality devices, Otofonix also offers a 45-day refund guarantee. This ensures customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase of Otofonix hearing devices online. The device also has factor warranty of one year.

Most often the high price tag attached to product is because of the charges that add on when middlemen are involved in selling a product from the manufacturer to the customer. This is not the case with Otofonix hearing devices. As the hearing devices are sold directly from the manufacturer to the customer without any middlemen, the charges are very cheap. You can save nearly 85% by buying Otofonix hearing amplifiers.

Otofonix hearing amplifiers are made by Otofonix Company. Based in Huntersville, NC in the United States, the company is dedicated to making hearing amplifiers suitable for all age groups. Sigmund Ancerewicz, an ear specialist with board certification is the cofounder of the company and has experience of more than two decades in managing hearing impaired people.

The company was formed due to the efforts of Ancerewicz who suffered from hearing loss and had to pay a whopping amount of $7,000 for a single pair of hearing aids (prescription).  When he successfully created affordable hearing enhancement device that worked well, he wanted to begin a company dedicated towards making top notch hearing devices that were affordable. He began this company after the court ruling of 2009 that permitted sale of hearing enhancement devices as over the counter products. Earlier only prescription hearing aids were available and were very expensive.

With an assembly unit in China and components of top quality sourced from European and US markets the company uses experts to design and create its hearing amplifiers range.

The company is reputed for its affordable and top quality personal sound amplifiers of behind the ear type. The amplifiers come with additional option of environmental amplification of sound. The hearing amplifiers from Otofonix also have easy and multiple program settings as well as excellent processing features.

How do Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers Look Like?

Otofonix hearing devices series are of the same type that is, behind the ear category of hearing devices. The body of the device is placed behind ear. The earpiece is inserted inside ear canal. A sound tube and ear hook connect the body and earpiece. For better comfort and fit, a rubber tip is placed on the earpiece which is removable. There are various different sizes available to ensure user gets best experience from the device.

Other components in the hearing amplifier include

  • A switch that can control volume and select the program you need. The switch is in simple button form or rocker style type based on the model.
  • Microphone is placed right above the button and it picks sound from surroundings and then the sound is amplified by the processor.
  • Battery compartment is present below the control switch.

Although all the above components are part of the hearing amplifiers from Otofonix, the device is light in weight and tiny in size. Thus they form an ideal match for users who need their hearing device to be concealed and inconspicuous. Each unit is made for left or right ear.

How To Use Otofonix Hearing Devices?

Otofonix hearing amplifiers are easy and simple to use. Once you remove the device from its package you need to perform just a few steps for using the device. Here are the steps to follow

Open the compartment at the base of the hearing device which houses the battery. Insert the battery and close the door of the compartment.

Note: If you find it difficult to close the compartment, the battery may have been inserted in the wrong way. Don’t force the door closed, instead try placing the battery in the proper direction.

There is no dedicated button in the device for switching the battery on or off. The device powers once you place the battery inside the device. This is why it is recommended that the door of the compartment be left open when you remove it during night time or when you leave it unused for longer duration.

Place the device behind your ear and pass the tube of the device over your ear. Insert the dome of the device inside the ear. Make sure the dome fits comfortably inside the ear. The dome part of the device has a tail like device for easy removal of the dome from the ear.

For increasing device volume, you have to just tap the rocker button on its upper end. A beep will be heard, which indicates the level of volume is changed. A high beep sound indicates the volume has reached its maximum upper limit.

Single button press is sufficient for toggling between programs. For changing program settings which are preset, you have to just press the rocker button and hold it for about 3 seconds on any part of the button.

Multiple beeping sounds will be heard which indicates the program has been changed and set. The programs that are preset differ from one model to another.

Make sure you read the instruction manual that is given with the device. It will have information regarding the program and the beeps associated with it.

In the beginning, it may take some time to understand the various program settings and the device my need some tweaking. Switching one ear tube for another will also be needed to obtain the right feedback sound.

The working mechanism of the hearing device is simple. The microphone in the hearing device absorbs sound present in the environment. It passes this sound on to the processor, which amplifies it and removes any unwanted noise and then sends the output sound to the earpiece of the device via sound tube. The Otofonix Encore model has microphones with two directional systems. This improves adaptive reduction of noise and focus sound amplification.



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