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About Signia

Signia is the hearing aid brand owned by Sivantos. Sivantos launched the Signia product line in 2016 after it acquired the hearing aid division of Siemens in 2015.

Siemens is a pioneer in hearing aid manufacturing and is based in Germany. It introduced its hearing aids in 1913. The company was launched way back in 1878 under the stewardship of Werner von Siemens. 

Werner von Siemens developed a special telephone to help people with hearing difficult understand phone conversations better.  The first BTE (Behind the ear) device was designed by Siemens and named as Siemens Auriculette.

Other pioneering efforts of the company include designing the first hearing aids of digital type with directional or two microphones and first hearing aid using wireless technology and also the first hearing aid with waterproof feature.

Signia hearing device line features excellent speech identification and good reduction of background noise. Sivantos Group also owns Rexton, A & M Hearing and Audio Service.

Although the hearing aid industry has the same competitive spirit as any other industry, there have been several acquisitions in the industry resulting in certain companies taking up a major share in the market. Phonak and Unitron for instance, are owned by the same company named Sonova based in Switzerland.

The William Demant Group owns Bernafon, Sonic and Oticon brands. However Widex, GN Resound and Starkey are independent companies.

Now that you have seen the top brands available in 2019, choosing the right one will be easier. Irrespective of the brand you choose, you have to first undergo proper ear measurement, so you can get a suitable hearing aid. The measurement helps in programming the hearing aids you choose accordingly. And in the end the best brand differs from person to person.

While some brands are suited for an active lifestyle, there are devices that are programed to work in sync with your smartphone. The best brand for you would be the one that is suitable for the lifestyle you lead and your specific hearing difficult symptoms.