Best Hearing Amplifiers and PSAP Hearing Devices 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Loss or difficulty in hearing is a problem that requires proper management. There are two main categories of hearing devices used to solve hearing problems namely hearing aids and hearing amplifiers.

Hearing amplifiers also known as personal sound amplifiers are indicated when you have difficult in hearing but not complete hearing loss. As the name suggests, the devices amplify sounds to enable better hearing.

Instead of compensating for loss of hearing, the amplifiers help to hear sounds that you would normally find difficult to hear such as watching TV quietly without disturbing others or hearing your children sleeping in their room.

Hearing aids on the other hand are used for compensating hearing loss. They are prescribed medical devices intended to improve hearing and are recommended after a hearing test called audiogram is done.

Important Information

PSAP devices (hearing amplifiers) should not be considered as a replacement for hearing aids. While healthcare providers would consider hearing amplifiers can be an option for people with a mild hearing loss, it’s best to consult with your audiologist or with our specialists here at if you are not aware of your current hearing condition.

The hearing amplifiers we recommend are the Audionexx Invisible K17, which are suitable for most hearing losses. If you are dealing with severe hearing loss or suffer from a special hearing condition it’s best to get in touch with us to help you find a suitable hearing aid.

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Our top recommended hearing amplifiers available on the market in 2021

Audionexx Invisible K16

*our top recommended hearing aid

EARGO hearing aids

Eargo Neo Hearing Aids

Hearing Assist


How do hearing amplifiers work?

Hearing amplifier helps amplify all sounds around the person wearing it. The amplification helps hear the subtle sounds that you would normally miss.

In short, all sounds are heard louder when an amplifier is used. Their basic mechanism is similar to a hearing aid where the device intakes sound input through a microphone, digitally processes it and feeds the processed sound to the ear.

Amplifiers are designed to make sounds louder for all frequencies. Generally amplifiers endow the wearer super hearing power, but do not compensate hearing loss.

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