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Audionexx 3 Level Electric Desinfection Dehumdifier Dry Box with UV Light


  • Less chances of catching an ear infection and itch ears: The automatic 15 minute UVC light desinfection program kills germs and keeps your hearing aids 99,9% bacteria-free.
  • Save money and have an extended hearing aid lifetime: The Audionexx Sanitizer gently dries your hearing aids thus decreases wax buildup which results in less repairs.
  • Easy to use with automatic shut off mechanism: 3h, 6h and 9h drying sequence, that shuts off automatically in case you forgot you left it on.
  • Never waste good batteries again & have a better hearing performance with the integrated battery tester for hearing aids: Used hearing aid batteries, which are low on power might cause distorted sounds. Additionally leakage from battery will damage the hearing aids.
  • Safe & harmless for all types of hearing aids: The integrated temperature- and over-heating safety mechanism always takes care that your hearing aids are dried with the optimal temperature.

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