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Phonak ComPilot II


Stream excellent Stereo sound from various sources directly to your hearing aids. This device handles up to 24 hours of Streaming. You can also adjust the volume of your hearing aids with this device.
  • Works with hearing aids of the Venture and Belong-series
  • Binaural streaming of audio signals in stereo
  • Built-in remote control for hearing aids
  • Spoken messages and callers name for easy interaction
  • Supports the Phonak Remote Control App
Suitable for Phonak Belong (B) and Venture (V) hearing aids. For more informationen visit the official Phonak website, where you can download all user guides and use cases: https://www.phonakpro.com/com/en/support/product-support/wireless-accessories/compilot/overview-compilot.html

As a one stop streaming solution and excellent remote control add-on, Phonak Compilot II provides enhanced listening experience with its multi-functional wireless properties. If you are in search of an easy and efficient remote control for your hearing device, Phonak Compilot II is a good choice. Phonak Compilot II

You can increase or decrease the volume or use other program settings in your hearing aid easily with the Phonak Compilot remote feature. It boasts of a long lasting battery charge and compatibility with Phonak hearing devices using Belong or Venture platform.

Pairing the device with other Phonak applications offers several amazing and useful features. When paired with Phonak Remote Control app, the device opens up numerous other sophisticated functions. Your TV watching experience is enhanced when Compilot II is paired with the TV Link from Phonak which turns your hearing devices into wireless headphones. The pairing with Remote Mic II enhances listening experience even over long distance.

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To benefit from the various advanced and efficient features that Phonak Compilot II offers, it is necessary to read the entire instruction manual provided with the device.

Prior to purchase of the streaming device, you have to ensure the device is compatible with your hearing aid by consulting a professional hearing care provider. The professional will also help to configure the Compilot II prior to using it as your hearing aid’s remote control.

 The manual has detailed information regarding Compilot II explained in a simple to understand manner so you do not face any difficulty in setting up the device and pairing it with your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

From getting started on the charging, wearing of the device and sound demonstration to pairing it to your smartphone and receiving calls and other such activities the manual provides a detailed description of all the uses of the device including

  • Streaming audio
  • Using it as remote control
  • Pairing with FM/Roger
  • Using the different buttons, inputs indicator lights, voice alerts and the remote control app from Phonak
  • Battery charging
  • Instructions on how to wear the device
  • Making, accepting and ending calls
  • Trouble shooting tips
  • Advanced options
  • Using phone microphone present externally
  • Using protective skin made of silicon
  • Safety information to safeguard yourself and the device from unnecessary damage

The manual also features international warranty in a limited capacity that is valid from the purchase date. The warranty safeguards the user from any type of material defects or manufacturing damage.

Streaming audio via Compilot II can be done as soon as you take it from its package. Connecting the device with Phonak Target 5.0 or other newer fitting applications enables customizing the device to your specific preference.

The Phonak Remote Control App which is provided free with the device makes it easy to configure the settings of the device including Bluetooth features and spoken messages set up. For easier setup of the device, the in-built demo gives clear directions on using it.

To start with, you need to just place the device’s neck loop around your neck, press the main power switch and hold it for a few seconds. The device will start functioning immediately.

Phonak Compilot II functions as interface between the hearing aid and phone. When you receive a call in your phone, the Compilot enables direct and crystal clear hearing of the caller’s voice in the hearing aid. The device captures your voice via its microphone so you can speak via the device and not through your phone during a call.

Pairing Phonak Compilot II with your phone is simple and easy. The process needs to be done just once with your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device you want to pair Compilot II with. It will connect to your phone automatically after the first pairing process.

The user guide provides the necessary instructions for pairing. Compilot II can be paired with six devices maximum.

Pairing Compilot II with your phone takes just a few steps to complete. You can find a quick pairing guide on the rear side of Compilot II. Here are the steps needed:

Step 1: Enable Bluetooth feature on your phone and use the connectivity setting option to search for devices that are Bluetooth enabled.

Step 2: Switch the power on in you Compilot II device

Step 3: Now press the volume up (+) button and the connect button situated on the side of the device simultaneously for 2 seconds or until you see a rapid blue blinking light in the audio indicator

Step 4: Begin pairing Phonak Compilot II with your phone. Ensure you start this within one minute. Your phone screen will display all the Bluetooth enabled devices. Choose Phonak Compilot II and enter the code 0000 when prompted

Step 5: Compilot II also needs phone book access for proper functioning. When you are prompted access to the phone book, accept it.

Step 6: Audio indicator will stop blinking once the pairing is completed.

When the pairing is complete you can start using the Compilot II. Ensure you wear the Compilot II and your hearing device correctly and switch the power on in the Compilot II. After initial pairing process your phone and Compilot will connect automatically. If this does not occur, you have to use the Bluetooth menu in your phone and choose Compilot II. The blinking of blue light in the audio indicator is confirmation that you have successfully connected the two devices.

Some important points to note with Compilot II use include:

You should disable the SMS alerts and key tones on your phone prior to the phone pairing

Although Compilot II has the capability of connecting to two different phones simultaneously, you will be able to call from one device only at any given time.

Ensure the devices are always within the fixed range for the connection to remain uninterrupted.

To remove the pairing of ComPilot II with a device, you need to just press the volume and connect buttons for about 10 seconds until the audio indicator light, which is blue in color, stops blinking. The next step is to erase all entries related to ComPilot II pairing present in your phone.

Compilot II is provided with a rechargeable and non-removable battery. The battery is made of Lithium Ion Polymer and is a 3.7 V DC battery.

When you use Compilot II initially, it should be charged for a minimum of 3 hours. You can also charge it overnight before using it. The new battery in the device achieves its full performance only when it completes three charging and discharging cycles.

On standby mode with active Bluetooth, the battery can work for one week. If you are audio streaming via cable the battery life is just 24 hours. Audio streaming through FM and Bluetooth phoning or streaming also makes the battery retain charge up to 24 hours. Thus you can enjoy nonstop streaming watching your favorite movies, listening to music or playing video games in a hassle-free way. When you use the device as remote control only the battery life is around 2 weeks.

Despite being meticulously designed to enhance the listening capability of individuals with hearing aids, Phonak Compilot II users can face a few problems while using the device. However they can be resolved effectively with the help of the troubleshooting guide provided in the instruction manual. The guide provides painstakingly crafted instructions on dealing with several common as well as less common issues users face including

  • Use of codes
  • Reduced operating time
  • Unresponsive Compilot II
  • Difficulty in responding to calls
  • Inability to hear the calls or demo sound
  • Caller name not being heard acoustically with only the ringing sound of phone heard
  • The hearing aid switches between normal program for hearing aid and Bluetooth even when not streaming
  • Hear press tones of phone’s key in your hearing aids
  • Music player starts automatically every time you switch the Phonak Compilot II on
  • Recognition issues by Bluetooth devices including smart phones after being paired and more

If you are still unable to fix the issue you face with your Phonak Compilot II device after reading the troubleshooting tips, you should contact a professional hearing care provider to rectify the issue and enjoy the features of the device to the maximum.


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