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ReSound Phone Clip+


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Perform hands-free calls with your ReSound hearing aids and any Bluetooth phone. You can also stream Music from your Bluetooth-enabled MP3 device directly to your hearing aids.

Suitable for all ReSound hearing aids.

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Resound has been in the hearing aids industry since 1943 providing improved life quality for individuals dealing with loss or difficulty in hearing. The innovative hearing devices and systems at Resound use sophisticated technology developed on aural insight and from feedback provided by hearing aid users. The hearing solutions from Resound enable people dealing with hearing loss to communicate, connect and experience better quality of life.

ReSound Phone Clip + is part of the Resound ecosystem which feature a host of apps and accessories that enhance your hearing experience.  For instance, the Resound Control app along with Phone Clip+ converts your smart phone into a device that you can control remotely all devices you use including your streaming, phone and hearing aid accessories. You can change the program settings and volume of your hearing aid with your Android phone or iPhone.

For using Resound Control app, you will need Resound hearing aid (wireless), Resound Phone Clip + and smartphone. The app is compatible with Android and iPhone models 4, 4, 3GS that run IOS 5 or newer versions and Android version 2.2 or newer. The application is available for download freely at Google Play store and App Store for Android and IOS devices respectively.

  • Provides quality calls by streaming all your audio and calls from phone directly to the hearing aid enabling comfortable conversation irrespective of the noisy surrounding you are in.
  • Phone Clip + also works as remote control for your hearing aid. The Resound Control app can further improve control of the hearing aid using smartphone.
  • The Phone Clip+ has easy to access buttons which can be used to enable all the functions of the streaming device. You need to just clip the device to your clothes and begin talking on your phone. The process is a hassle free one you will find convenient to use.
  • Resound Phone Clip+ is also useful for streaming music from any Bluetooth enabled device such as phone, MP3 players etc. to your hearing device.
  • The mute button for microphone helps block out all surround sounds leaving you free to listen to your phone conversations easily.
  • Hands free calling is easier now with Phone Clip+ as you can use the streaming feature without using your phone directly for the calls.
  • Head set functionality is an advanced feature in Resound Clip+ offering user friendly features like voice dialing and previous number redial facility.
  • The state of the art technology used in the streaming device helps mute background noise allowing more focus

The working mechanism of Resound Phone Clip+ is simple. The streaming device pickes up audio signals and send them to both ears simultaneously. With the streamer you hearing aid is transformed into a tiny wireless headset. The advantage of using Resound Phone Clip + is you will not experience in any noticeable delays in audio signals and transmission. This makes a positive difference when you watch TV or program in your computer.

You need to pair your hearing aids to the Resound Phone Clip+. The pairing creates a private communication link and also helps transfer of information between the two devices. The pairing process is easy as there are dedicated software applications available for the process. Most often your hearing care provider will complete the pairing of the device with your hearing aid.

Here are the steps involved in pairing of the Resound Phone Clip+:

  • Press the white button for pairing present under silver cap of the Resound Phone Clip+
  • Open and close battery doors in the hearing aid within duration of 20 seconds

As Resound Phone Clip+ is compatible with several types of Bluetooth devices, it is easy to pair it with the device you want. If you want to find the devices that are compatible look at products that support profiles such as headset and hands free Bluetooth profiles. Resound phone Clip supports these two profiles.

With Resound Phone Clip+ technology, your hearing aid can function as headset for landline phones and mobile phones that are Bluetooth enabled. When you use Resound Phone Clip+ you can be guaranteed of crystal clear calls from your phone. You can mute all background noise as you talk over your phone. Streaming podcasts or music or other audio is very effective with this streaming device. The wireless accessories provided by Resound include Resound Micro Mic, Multi Mic, Phone Clip+, remote control 2 and TV streamer 2.

For optimal hearing, the Resound Phone Clip+ should be clipped to your clothes at a distance within 10 cm to 30 cm from your mouth. Placement of the clip should be on your jacket, sweater or any other clothing with the microphone inlet facing upwards. The streaming device can also be worn around your neck with the help of lanyard provided with the package. Charge the rechargeable battery provided before you start using the streaming device.

Pairing of Resound Phone Clip+ is an easy process that is totally controlled via your mobile phone. Since the menu options of mobile phones differ from model to model, you should first refer to the manual of your mobile device before you start pairing Resound Phone Clip+. Here are the general steps followed for pairing of the device:

Step 1: Turn on the Resound Phone Clip+. Remove silver cap from the device.

Step 2: Find the settings option for connectivity in your phone. Identify Bluetooth feature which is usually part of the main menu. In some devices it will be under sub menus like connectivity feature.

Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth feature in your smart phone.

Step 4: Look for the tiny blue colored button in the Resound Phone Clip+ which is present for Bluetooth pairing. Press it once for activating the Bluetooth pairing. Hold the button for 2 minutes. To indicate the Bluetooth pairing in underway an LED indicator glows blue in color.

Step 5: Conduct a search on your mobile phone for nearby Bluetooth devices. The mobile phone will usually provide a detailed list of all Bluetooth enabled devices found nearby. Choose the option, ‘Hearing aid phone’ present in the list that appears on the phone screen.

Step 6: You will be prompted by your mobile phone to type the passcode. Type the code ‘0000’ in the space provided.

Step 7: The pairing will be complete by now. In some mobile devices you will be prompted to choose the Bluetooth service you want to enable. Choose Headset Bluetooth service.

Although the Resound Phone Clip+ is capable of pairing up to Bluetooth enabled devices at a time, only two of the devices can be active or connected at any given time.


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