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10 Life Changing Vibrating Alarm Clocks For Deaf And Hearing Impaired People

Are you worried about sleeping late due to the alarm clock not working? Or are you unable to hear the sound due to hearing impairment? Since you don’t sleep with your hearing aids on this might be an issue but please don’t worry.

The alarm clocks listed in this article are made especially for people with hearing loss and have good battery backup to cover in case of power failure. Further the clocks have several advanced features making them very useful not only for waking up but for other tasks too.

However there are numerous such alarm clocks in the market now. This makes shopping for the right alarm clock a tough task and this is more so when you are looking for alarm clocks suitable for hearing impaired.

The right alarm clock will help you kick start your day after a relaxed night of sleep.  There are several brands of vibrating alarm clocks available online to choose from at different budgets. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you choose the most suitable vibrating alarm clock for people with impaired hearing.

10 best vibrating alarm clocks

Here is our list of 10 best vibrating alarm clocks with various different features such as sound and flashing light options and other capabilities that make the very popular among the various vibrating alarm clock models seen in the market now.

*Our top recommended alarm clock

Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Pro BE1370


Pros of Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Pro BE1370

  • Big LED display
  • Good performance
  • Durable construction
  • Three different options for alarm settings namely sound, lights and vibration

Pro BE1370 is an alarm clock model that is very popular for its reliable build and good performance. The quality is exceptional and the design is very trendy. If you are in search of a stylish and high performing alarm clock, this is ideal. It is effective for users with moderate to severe hearing loss. It has sound, vibration and lighting option to choose so you need not worry about waking up late anymore. The important features of this alarm clock include: 

  • It has flashing light and motion setting.
  • The alarm also has volume with ascending settings.
  • Physical settings will not disturb if you are sleeping with a partner.
  • The flashing lights option is useful when you are sleeping alone or if your partner’s schedule matches yours
  • Night light feature allows safe navigation in dark rooms
  • LED display is quite large in size enabling easy viewing at night
  • The price is affordable
  • Smart snooze button reduces from 9 minutes to 2 minutes in intervals of 2 minutes
  • Clock also features a stereo input external trigger jack of 3.5mm for Bellman Visit feature’s door mat or magnetic switch.
  • The dimension is 6.1 inches x 5.7inchesx6.5 inches

Sonic Alert Super Shaker SB200SS


Pros of Sonic Alert Super Shaker SB200SS

  • In spite of being very small in size the vibration is quite powerful
  • Design is very portable
  • Adjusting the alarm according to preference of user is easy

This is an extra loud dual mode alarm clock that is ideal for people with hearing loss. It is effective to wake up even heavy sleepers. The dual mode includes sound and motion. You can choose either or both modes making it a good multitasking clock. The important feature highlights of this clock include:

  • Contains dual alarm mode with good control for volume
  • The vibratory shake awake capability of the alarm is very powerful despite the compact size.
  • Small size makes it easy to carry around wherever you go
  • Snooze time can be chosen ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes and without any limits regardless of the number of times you want to extend your sleeping time

Homtime Loud Alarm Clock with Wireless Bed Shaker

Pros of Homtime Loud Alarm Clock with Wireless Bed Shaker

  • Price is very economic considering the awesome features in the alarm clock
  • It is compatible with iPad or iPhone and allows music streaming
  • The night light feature automatically turns on when it senses movement

The Wireless Bed shaker from Homtime is a very affordable model with plenty of features that make it a top selling alarm clock in the vibrating category. This is an ideal choice for people with hearing loss and especially in case of heavy sleepers who prefer motion or sound option for their alarm setting. The significant features that make this alarm clock popular include:

  • The alarm clock can be connected to any smart device such as iPod, iPhone or iPad.
  • It has motion and vibrating feature
  • Clock has both 24 hour and 12 hour formats which can be synced automatically
  • You can pick any ambient music for the alarm or stream music via your iPhone or Android device
  • Price is very affordable
  • The LCD display is 3.2 inches wide so is sufficiently large enough to view the time and the setting for the alarm clearly.
  • Brightness of LCD is set to multiple levels which automatically change based on the surrounding light conditions. The lighting can be adjusted manually too using a rotary button present.
  • Has unique nightlight function that is gesture activated. When you wave your hand over the clock during night time, the night light present in the alarm switches on automatically and it switches off after three minutes or when you wave again.
  • Two USB charging ports are present for charging mobile devices and phones simultaneously so you will wake up to fully charged device.

Sonic Alert SBT425ss Digital Sonic Boom

Pros of Sonic Alert SBT425ss Digital Sonic Boom

  • Vibration is very powerful so wakes you instantly
  • The dimmer with 5 brightness option is very convenient
  • Telephone alert ensures you do not miss an incoming call

Missed phone calls will not be an issue anymore with the Sonic Alert SBT425ss alarm clock. The Digital Sonic Boom from Sonic Alert has a very useful telephone signal alert feature.  If you are in search of strong vibration feature the SBT425ss model is a good choice. The digital alarm clock is packed with several useful and advanced features which include:

  • The clock has option of sound decibel of maximum 113 dB
  • Volume in the alarm can be adjusted according to user preference
  • The LED display is large and has dimmer option of 5 levels helping you to choose the display bright or turn it down to less brighter option.
  • The test feature helps to choose the correct settings before you start using it
  • Bed shaker feature is very powerful. It uses power of 12 volts ensuring you are waken up on the set time without fail

Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr

Pros of Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr

  • The small size makes it portable and is also very powerful
  • Green technology used helps save energy
  • The design is very trendy

Sonic Alert SBJ525ss is a stylish and cool alarm clock. The small size packs a huge amount of power making it an easy addition while travelling on vacation or for business trips. The significant feature highlights of SBJ525ss include:

  • The vibration mode is very powerful for the affordable price
  • Power used for the vibration is 9 volts making it effective to wake even the heaviest of sleepers
  • Green technology is used for the operation of pulsing light mode and vibration. Sixty percent less energy is used when compared to competitor models

iLuv IMM155BLK Vibro II Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Pros of iLuv IMM155BLK Vibro II Alarm Clock

  • Ideal for newbie users as it is easy to use and powerful
  • Design is very simple allowing hassle free iPhone plugin
  • Speakers are very powerful
  • FM radio feature has 10 preset options to choose from or you can set up tunes on your own or use the bed shaker

The Vibro II IMM155BLK from iLuv is a uniquely designed alarm clock that is suitable for waking up even the heaviest of sleepers. The model has been in the market for a few years and users find it a quite reliable product to purchase. Here are the significant features that make it a perfect buy:

  • Design is very stylish and has a slot on its top for keeping your phone. Thus it eliminates the hassle of searching for your phone
  • Price is affordable for majority of buyers
  • The USB connectivity to iPhone and other smart devices including iPod and Android devices ensures you wake up to the tune of your choice via your iPhone, iPod, Buzzer, FM radio or vibrating feature
  • You can go to sleep listening to favorite music via FM radio or smart device
  • The speakers provide crystal clear audio full of clarity and depth
  • The devise has preset programs for 10 stations on FM radio

Mesqool Projection Clock with Bed Shaker Alarm

Pros of Mesqool Projection alarm Clock

  • Two options for projection or display color
  • Design is trendy and innovative
  • Light projector has 180 degree swivel

If you are looking for a trendy alarm clock with robust performance, the Mesqool Projection clock is an ideal choice. The clock has a contemporary look with slim and chic lines. The features too look very promising. Here are some of the significant features of this bed shaker integrated projection alarm clock from Mesqool:

  • The clock is provided with two different choices of projection and digital display colors. This helps to make adjustments necessary to the differing response to sudden and direct light. For instance, the blue light is less offending than a bright white color. For some the bright white color is needed to wake up when compared to the cooler and relaxing blue light.
  • Projector is of standard model but is present at as separate equipment part.
  • The small projector along with bed vibrating addition and clock do not take up much room.
  • The clock can be angled at 180 degrees too
  • USB port is provided for convenient charging. Alternatively, you can use AAA batteries
  • The USB port makes it easy to connect the clock with iOS and Android Phones. It is compatible with both operating systems
  • Light dimmer is present.

Mesqool 7” display Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Pros of Mesqool 7”Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

  • The clock has two options for projection and display color
  • The 7 inch LED display is very large and convenient for viewing time and other settings
  • Modern and trendy design

A modern look adds elegance to your bedroom décor which is why this Mesqool clock with projector and vibrator is very popular. Although similar to the previous Mesqool projector model, it has several unique additions that make it popular among users. Hereare the important feature highlights of this vibrator projection alarm clock from Mesqool:

  • The clock has a very powerful vibrator mechanism which includes a vibrator with 1.8 meter length of wire that is present in the exterior of the clock allowing easy placement under pillow
  • The silent rouse collection allows you to wake up without disturbing your partner, family member or roommate sleeping near you.
  • The sound alarm can be chosen according to your preference. However the ringing sound is not activated when the vibrator part is plugged to the clock.
  • The projector is flipable and can be adjusted to 180 degrees and has a focus dial feature. This helps project the time more clearly on your ceiling or walls when needed.
  • The LED display is 7 inches and comes with snooze and dimmer options. The clock has 3 different dimmer options to allow comfortable brightness adjustments
  • USB port for charging, projection, vibrator and display of time is very convenient. It has iOS, Android, Tablets, Kindle and other device compatibility
  • Battery backup is also present and requires 2 AAA batteries of 1.5 V.
  • The product has 3 months complete refund guarantee and one year replacement guarantee.

Shake Awake Vibrating Alarm Clock ATC0833

Shake Awake Vibrating Alarm Clock ATC0833

Pros of Shake Awake Vibrating Alarm Clock ATC0833

  • The size is very compact making it easy to take along while you travel
  • The rounded shape makes it very useful to place under the pillow while you sleep
  • The battery powered operation is very convenient and is not expensive as only one battery is needed
  • The option to choose between beeping alarm sound and vibration or both is convenient

If you are in search of a portable, handy and compact alarm clock for hearing impaired, the Shake Awake ATCO833 is a good choice to consider. The sound alarm and vibration feature are designed to take up very little space. The significant features that make this model stand apart from the rest include:

  • The rounded edges and slim shape make it convenient to place under the pillow
  • It operates on a single AAA battery
  • The slim shape makes it easy to take along while you travel
  • Its compact shape allows you to carry it around in your pocket as a medication or appointment reminder.
  • Stand provided is of fold out and inbuilt model making it easy to use on nightstand.
  • The inbuilt stand helps to cover the buttons protectively avoiding accidental use of button controls.
  • Comes with 6 months of limited warranty by the manufacturer
  • LCD display has 0.05” black and bold numbers
  • Backlight helps in viewing the time during nighttime
  • The operation is very easy. You have 2 time setting buttons, a sliding switch and snooze bar in it.
  • The dimensions include 3 inches wide, 0.625 inches in weight and 2 inches in height.

Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System Flashing Light Alarm Clock For Deaf

Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System Flashing Light Alarm Clock For Deaf

Pros of Clarity AL10 Visual Alert System

  • Big display ensures easy visibility
  • Dual power supply ensures uninterrupted operation
  • Serves as baby monitor, doorbell ringing alert and other movement alert indicator

The flashing light visual alert alarm clocks are another popular version that is appropriate for hearing impaired people. The Clarity AL10 is one such model suitable for people with hearing loss ranging from mild level to profound level. The alert system warns you of an incoming phone call and also doorbell ringing sound.  The clock is a simple design so is easy to install without necessity for hard wiring. You need to just plug the clock into a socket. The important features of this visual alert system include:

  • Alarm clock has vibrating and snooze alert features for waking up even the deepest sleepers
  • Also serves as baby monitor by monitoring specific baby sounds
  • Alerts you of any abnormal or loud sounds
  • Warns you in case of unexpected movement
  • The display is 3.5 inches
  • The vibration is very powerful and shakes up your pillow or bed awaking you from sleep
  • The light can be turned on or off easily by the huge lit button
  • Has dual power support so operates even when power is not present

People with hearing loss require making plenty of adaptations in their daily routine. This includes ensuring the alarm clock wakes them up right on time. When you are initially diagnosed with hearing impairment it is easy to overlook something as common as an alarm clock.

Without hearing the alarm, your entire day would be in a big mess as you fail to turn up at work on time or complete other tasks that you routinely do. If the hearing loss is very mild, the conventional alarm clocks are sufficiently loud for hearing.

But for those with severe, profound or moderate hearing loss, a better alarm clock than the conventional buzzing sound is necessary.  Since hearing loss aids are not worn to bed in general, they may find it difficult to hear the alarm.

Although a loud alarm may be used, a good alternative is using a vibrating alarm or one that lights up. Such types of clocks are ideal for people who are

  • Diagnosed with loss of hearing recently
  • Fluctuating or progressive loss of hearing
  • Looking for a sophisticated and trendy alarm

The vibrating feature includes a powerful bed shaker mechanism that will wake you up with the strong vibrations as the alarm is triggered when placed under the mattress or pillow.

For people with moderate to severe hearing loss, the normal alarm clocks are not sufficient. They need an alarm that has a decibel range around 100 dB or more. The clocks are usually designed in such a way that the sound is ascending in volume giving you sufficient time to switch the alarm off before it disturbs your partner or roommate or a family member sleeping near you.

Similar to the vibrating alarm feature, the flashing light feature is also added in some alarm clocks. Many people prefer the flashing lights as it is a good alternative to the alarm sound or they can even work as an add-on.

The mechanism by which it works is very simple. The clock is fitted with LED flash lights of high intensity. This is similar to the LED flashlights you see in a cell phone or camera used now. The flash lights can be increased or decreased in intensity according to your preference. The light is effective even when you have lights on while sleeping.

The lights in the alarm clock also serve as night light so you do not struggle to find your way at night time. The gentle blue glow is sufficiently bright to assist you to your bed without being too bright and disturbing your partner. Whether you wake up at night for a glass of water or for a snack, the night light serves as a handy guide for you.

Vibrating alarm clocks have several beneficial features that make them very popular among people with hearing impairment. The various uses of the vibrating model include:

  • The vibration does not disturb your partner based on the setting option
  • The sound option can be used, if you are sleeping alone or if both of you are hearing impaired.
  • Flashing lights feature is present for those who do not want the vibration mode.
  • Many vibrating models include advanced features such as alerts for incoming phone calls, night lights that triggered by motion, LED displays for easy reading and more
  • The cost is affordable
  • ​The size is very compact, so you can take it with you when you travel on business trips or for vacations.

​Here is comprehensive guide on choosing the right vibrating alarm clock for hearing impaired

Buying considerations

When it comes to choosing alarm clocks for hearing impaired, the vibrating or visual alert model works better than the generic audio signal alert models such as radio, beep or buzz. The alert signal besides being in light or vibration mode can also have a frequency tone that is adjustable or serve as an amplified signal.

The vibrating alarm clock for hearing impaired is available in an array of different product ranges so you can easily choose the right one that will ensure you wake up on time. You will feel assured of a relaxed sleep at night with the knowledge that you will get up on time.

Here are a few considerations that will help you decide on the right alarm clock:

The significant features you should check for in the alarm clock include

  • The volume should be set to extra loud of a maximum decibel of 113db
  • Vibration feature is a must
  • Flashing lights
  • Size of the display screen
  • Snooze button
  • Digital or analog version

The above features are basic additions that make your mornings stress free. Alarm clocks for people with hearing loss need more attention to time tracking and ensure a hassle free morning routine.

Vibrating alarm clocks are available at a wide price range. You can get the clocks at a shockingly low $25 a piece to as high as $150 or more.

Some of the high end models can sport several advanced features. Both low and high priced models deserve a closer look as even some of the cheaper models work wonderfully, while the expensive ones are just a notch or above the lower priced models.

But in general people set a fixed budget before they start shopping. So decide on the amount you want to spend so you can narrow down the choices. This will make finding the right one easier.

Vibration is an effective feature in alarm clocks for hearing loss. And vibrating clocks offer much more features. The list of alarm clocks we have provided below have several favorable features in addition to vibration that will make them more effective like having sound or light option or in some cases both.

Although noise or light can disturb, if you are sleeping with your partner, if both are hearing impaired it is a good option. But the high decibel or amplified vibrating clocks are not for those who reside with family or other people.

For people sleeping alone the alarm with extra loud sound is apt. And while choosing the sound level, remember that the maximum decibel that is safe for those who are not hearing impaired is around 70db only. And in small spaces such as apartments or hotel rooms, the vibration and light will not disturb your neighbors.

The light feature can disturb you, if you face the alarm. In such a case, you can opt for alarms that have diffused lighting or clocks where the lighting is not directed right at you.

For hearing impaired people who love to hear their favorite tune while waking up, using an alarm clock with USB port is a good option. This helps to connect your iPod, Android or iPhone to the clock so it can deliver any music of your choice.

The connectivity also helps when you get an incoming call. You can know about the incoming call by the signal from the alarm clock. This is a good feature because you will not be sleeping with the hearing device. This option prevents you from missing all your important calls.

With good quality alarm clocks you can expect the vibration, light and other features to work reliably. All the parts of the clock should be durable and require very little maintenance.

You should not be left in a lurch without the alarm clock when you want it the most. So look at reviews and user testimonials before you choose a model. Further the customer support is also very important in case of returns, service or shipping issues.

Purchasing alarm clocks from trusted and reputed electronic brands is a good choice. But there relatively new names that deliver alarm clocks with much better features. One advantage with a known clock manufacturer is the process of returns, shipping, etc. in case of defective models is easier and dependable. Make sure the manufacturer is a legitimate one with proper contact and customer support before you buy.

Choosing the best vibrating alarm clock suitable for hearing loss

When it comes to choosing the right alarm clock for hearing impaired, the features should be suitable for the specific hearing needs of the individual person.

As you can see from the above list of popular vibrating alarms for hearing impaired, the alarm clocks differ based on the price, style, features, size and more. In recent years, there have been quite a large number of innovations in alarm clocks such as smart device compatibility dual modes and more.

The advanced and useful features make it easy to wake up regardless of the extent of hearing loss you suffer from. The increase in number of products has also led to a decline in the prices which is very fortunate. You can easily find favorable deals on the top selling vibrating clocks dedicated to hearing impaired.

If you are looking to add a vibrating alarm the choices are aplenty and narrowing down is easier with our list. You can easily solve the vexing problem of not waking up on time due to lack of proper alarm clock. The above list and guide will ensure your mornings are cheerful, energetic and happy always.


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